imperfectly (imperfectly) wrote,

Oh I miss titles ! *insomnia of doom *

Awake at 5am for no good reason except for that I'm old now.

This LiveJournal revival only makes me think of Krystal. She lives here. I can avoid her absence everywhere else but not here. Here or on AIM if AIM was a thing anymore. Could you have imagined in 1999 that AIM would be dead ?????? This journal has existed since August of 2001. I was 25. I was lonely , and this place gave me sanctuary. Reading that first years entries are like finding someone else's diary , a weird sad weirdo who never liked letting go and enjoyed the torture. At 40 ( about to be 41...fuck!) , I jump at the chance to be alone and cut people out of my life !!!! Poop. Oh yep there it is . I thought of her just now. Tillytollo I miss you.

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