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Beauty in the breakdown

Today was my last day of work for 2 weeks. We were supposed to be leaving for vacation on Tuesday but with her mom like this we had to cancel.
Today started out bad because Erica ordered some new appliances for her moms place which were being delivered today. This sent her mom into a tizzy.
She was freaking out because she doesn't want her crazy nest of trash disturbed. She wanted to go with Erica ...oxygen tank and all to supervise. Little does she know we cleaned up a lot of her place already, she's going to freak out.
So she then starts bitching to me about Erica. She says she will never give her power of attorney because then e will throw all of her things out.
Her garbage is her life.
She cares about it more than her children.
And ps you don't need power of attorney to throw out garbage.
I can't take it.
Currently I'm terrified.
I'm afraid to be home alone here with her cuz what if something happens :(
So I'm hiding in bed while Erica is at hockey practice.
Mary has been sleeping all day and I'm quite scared that she doesn't have much time left, she has that look about her.
If you've ever watched some close to dying you know what I mean.


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