imperfectly (imperfectly) wrote,

i just turned 36 !!!
having brunch with my good friend and fellow ljer this morning and when i told her i was missing my youth she said go read your will get over it quick!
so true. ahh the bittersweet memories.
life is good. kinda ready for a vaca tho.
ericas parents have been sick over the past 6 months so most of our free weekends were not really free.
again....youth where did you go ???
just having the time to connect to my thoughts and emotions is a thing of the past.
being creative comes easy but focusing that and channeling it into anything never seems to happen.
i blame life stealing life.
i never reflect on the day or hell the month.
sometimes its just that i have grown up and out of my single self.
my life isnt just about me and my thoughts anymore.
but i think i need just a little of that.
i start to feel disconnected from me.

music is going good. learning some new tunes tonight.
work is good. and worky.

i miss my friend kellie. but i dont know if i miss her or how we were in the past.
we arent that anymore. and by noones fault.
she send me an awesome bday card and i cried lol.

when did someone push fast forward ??
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